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clearXchange® Shutting Down June 30

The clearXchange® payment service is shutting down on June 30, 2022. Those customers currently using clearXchange® to receive money from a company or government entity will need to enroll with Zelle® to continue receiving payments.

What to do if you receive payments using clearXchange®

Follow these easy steps before June 30 to continue receiving payments without disruption:

      1. Log in to You will be prompted to deactivate your clearXchange® profile.
      2. After deactivating, download the Zelle® app on iOS or Android devices and enroll using your U.S. mobile number and a debit card linked to a U.S. checking account.
     3. You can also add your email address to the Zelle® app under Settings if you are already enrolled with a U.S. mobile phone number.

GREAT NEWS! Zelle® provides additional benefits not offered with clearXchange®:

        •  Expanded Features. Unlike with clearXchange®, you can use Zelle® to not only receive money but also send money to friends and family.
        •  Fast. Money moves directly to your bank account in minutes1 with no stops in between.
        •  Safe. The Zelle® app uses authentication and monitoring features to make payments secure. So, whether you use the Zelle® app or use Zelle® through your banking app or online banking service, you will have peace of mind.
        · Easy. Zelle® works between U.S. based banks and credit unions, which means you can send money to friends and family regardless of where they bank.

  What happens if you do nothing?

 If you do not deactivate your clearXchange® profile, your profile will automatically be deactivated on June 30, 2022. You will no longer be able to receive money using clearXchange® after this date. If someone sends you money on or after June 30, and you have not enrolled with Zelle®, you will receive a payment notification prompting you to enroll with Zelle® to receive your money.

 There may be circumstances that prevent you from receiving payments with the Zelle® app such as

          •  No smartphone
          •  No fast funds enabled debit card
          •  You receive payments more than $10,000

 For these situations, we recommend you contact the company or government entity that sends you money right away to set up an alternative payment option, or enroll with a bank or credit union that offers Zelle® in their banking app.

 Learn more about Zelle® here.

 1U.S. checking or savings account required to use Zelle®. Transactions between enrolled consumers typically occur in minutes.

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