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clearXchange® is becoming Zelle®!

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clearXchange® is becoming Zelle℠!

We’re excited to announce that clearXchange will soon become Zelle, a new way to pay! We are making this change to provide you with an improved user experience – you will be able to send money to more people and receive money directly into your bank account, typically within minutes. Zelle is offered through participating mobile banking apps and, in the near future, through a standalone Zelle app.

Your bank or credit union may already offer Zelle! Check the list of participating banks and credit unions here to see if you can start using Zelle through your existing mobile banking app today. If you don’t see your bank or credit union on our list, they may be joining soon! In the meantime, you can use to receive money – and we’ll let you know when the Zelle app is available!

What is Zelle?

Zelle is the new way to send money directly between U.S. bank accounts, typically within minutes. With just an email address or mobile phone number, you’ll be able to quickly, safely and easily send money to more people. Zelle is available within the mobile banking apps of many banks and credit unions, and will soon be available to almost anyone with a U.S. debit card through the Zelle app. Zelle may already be available in your bank or credit union app – find the list of participating financial institutions already offering Zelle here:

Should I still register to receive money with clearXchange?

If your bank is not listed here and you received an email or text message indicating you have a pending payment with Zelle or clearXchange, you’ve come to the right place! Register at now to receive your money.

Help! I use clearXchange often, what do I need to do?

You don’t need to take any action right now. If you’ve already completed registration at, you will continue to receive your money into the bank account you selected when you registered.

Soon, we’ll launch a Zelle app, and we’ll invite you to enroll to send and receive money using the Zelle app. Then, you’ll use Zelle instead of clearXchange to send and receive money. Your clearXchange profile will eventually be deactivated, but don’t worry, we’ll make sure you have advance notice to enroll with the Zelle app. 

How is clearXchange involved with Zelle?

Under the clearXchange name, we’ve provided services to millions of people and helped make payments easy and safe. With Zelle, we’re still enabling easy and safe payments, but making them faster! Money still moves directly into your bank account, but with Zelle, it will happen typically within minutes. We’re providing an updated user experience in a mobile app and a new look and feel that better reflects the needs of our users. We’re also working with a larger network of financial institutions (over 30 participating financial institutions have announced they will roll out Zelle), which means you can send money to, and receive money from, more people. Learn more about Zelle here:  

Thank you for using! We look forward to introducing you to Zelle and providing you with a new fast, easy and safe way to send money to almost anyone in your life.


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