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About clearXchange Service

clearXchange is the first network in the U.S. created by banks that lets customers send and receive person-to-person (P2P) payments easily and securely using an email address or mobile number.

Image showing simplified model of how money is sent and received

If your bank is a member of the clearXchange network, you can use your online or mobile banking service to send and receive funds directly from your bank account without sharing sensitive account information. See if your bank is a clearXchange member.

If your bank is not a clearXchange member, you can use the clearXchange service to receive payments and respond to payment requests. It’s safer than cash and more secure and convenient than checks. Start now to sign up.

clearXchange Facts

  • The first U.S. P2P payment network created by banks
  • Equally owned by Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo
  • Formed May 2011
  • Lets customers of member banks send and receive P2P payments from their current online or mobile banking service
  • With this site, customers of non-member banks can also receive P2P payments and respond to payment requests
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